Daily Taoist 1_68: Buddha Zhen’s Patreon Account Where You Can Help Him

YouTube Video TRANSCRIPT: Daily Taoist 68 “Patreon Account Welcome # 1”

Hello there. Buddha Zhen here. And I have two Patreon accounts. This is for my Buddha Zhen account.

And I just did another one — INTRO for my Shaolin Records — Actually Richard Del Connor account.

So anyway. There’s two Patreon accounts. So for this one, Buddha Zhen: The Taoist Buddhist Confucianist Strategist.

And anyway, putting out– I’ve got the Shaolin Chi Mantis ONLINE KWOON at ShaolinInteractive.com

I have an entirely free introductory website for Shaolin Kung Fu at ShaolinKungFuBeginner.com

But I’m hoping people will go from there and pay me some money at ShaolinInteractive.com where I’m gonna have hundreds of Kung Fu videos.

I’m really excited. Well I’m pumping them out right now. I’m on video like NUMBER 80 right now. 80 or more than that like 90 videos actually done.

Yeah, I’m just gonna sell some things then i can put them online post them and– I’m just– Yeah. [LAUGHS]

See ya ’round. Come see my videos.


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