Should I Delete My Patreon Account?

During the past six years of homeless life I reached out and pursued many different fundraising options to finance my creative endeavors. I never even pursued enough money to get off the street. I just needed webhosting, car insurance, and food for my cat. I keep writing books and music whether I’ve got a lot of money or none at all. I’m an artist. A starving artist.

I got off the street October 2019 and was rented a comfortable 2-bedroom in Lancaster. The landlady was excited to have a Tai Chi master here. She says, “I’m so happy I picked up the phone when you called.”

That has been my biggest impediment the past years: being homeless. It is harder to be successful when you are stripped of electricity, privacy, and security. 2-hours a day on the Library computers. The 99-cent store supplied me with ice on a daily basis, and a bathroom.

Many people dridn’t know I was homeless because I lived out of my Tacoma truck with my black cat, Bear. My Kung Fu Cowboy Bear and I have been together since September 7, 2014 when we started living at North Hollywood Park. We had to dodge the law for a couple years, but then for a year, it was LEGAL to be homeless. During that year, without police pressure–I had a wealth of homeless friends, and weekly events and less fear.

My ex-wife became homeless for that year and I watched over her until she remarried. Some of my homeless friends died during those years.

Buddha Z is restarting his life with his Shaolin Kung Fu ONLINE Kwoon in Lancaster, California.  He's deciding which activities to continue pursuing and which are a waste of time and effort.

My weekly Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan classes with only a few students served to keep some of the criminals away from me. I didn’t appear to be as easy a target as other homeless people. I saw the homeless murderer back in 2018. We crossed paths just after he’d murdered someone with the baseball bat I saw in his backpack.

Las Vegas was the scariest. That’s where the emotional and realistic context originates that makes the Kung Fu Cowboy ZOMBIE KILLER movies so scary. I’ll save those stories for when we make the movies.

Back to Patreon. Should I bother asking anyone to support my creative life? My family thinks it is wrong to support dreamers and artists. Obviously, there are a lot of people like my family who will never be supportive of creative people like me. Since I’ve proven they don’t exist within my internet reach–should I stop wasting my time?

Seriously. I want to succeed from now on. Since Patreon has failed to provide any support to me or my careers and ambitions: do I pull the plug?