Buddha Zhen Richard Del Connor the Philosopher Poet and Shaolin Flutist

Website Completed

BuddhaZ.com is the first of ten WordPress websites being designed by Rich Connor Singing Webmaster of Shaolin Digital. The goal was a simple site, with some edginess. Buddha Z wants to avoid flattery and niceties to “get to the point.”
All those suggestions you need to hear–but your friends don’t want to “hurt your feelings…” so no one is giving you the truth, until now.
Here’s the truth as I see it. My perspectives change with my enlightenment. In the past year I’ve written a couple books about the ‘5 Souls of God.’ Now when I look at people I do not see males and females. I see a female body–but is that a man driving?
When I look at men and realize at least 50% are women. Since the odds are 95% that the secondary soul will be a WORKER–it is now my challenge to make sure I’m not seeing a WORKER being pushed by a WOMAN instead of seeing a WORKER governed by a WOMAN soul.