3 Wisdoms of China

All three are philosophies WITHOUT gods.


250 B.C. India
SIddhartha Gautama INVENTS Buddhism about living in harmony with other people.
Siddhartha Gautama BECOMES the first Buddha which means "enlightened person."
The Chinese call this, "THE TRUTH."


250 B.C. China
Confucius CREATES Confucianism by collecting the ancient wisdoms, customs and social ceremonies into books that he uses to teach Chinese history. This is the FIRST Government POLITICS and SOCIOLOGY for laws, family, and business.
The Chinese call this, "HEAVEN ON EARTH."


250 B.C. China
Lao Tzu INVENTS Taoism by writing the book, Tao Te Ching, about natural principles of life.
Lao Tzu BECOMES founder of a religion and science that accumulates alchemy, superstitions, and chemistry. The Chinese call this, "THE WAY," or "THE PATH."

3 Versions of Buddhism

All three are supposed to be WITHOUT gods…
(Buddha is NOT a God).

Original Buddhism of India

This broke up into two versions of Buddhism: Theravadans in Ceylon; and Mahayana (Great Wheel Method goes to Tibet and China. The Theravadans believe in the holy scriptures like Christian Baptists in the Bible, and have lots of rules. The Mahayana Buddhists believe that life can be enlightening and the Buddhist Dharma (teachings) is only the introduction to encountering enlightenment in daily life. The Tibetans added the mantras and sand painting mandalas. The Chinese enjoyed the emphasis on peace and COMPASSION. The Original Buddha is referred to the Original Buddha as "Enlightened Person of Compassion."

Shaolin Zen Buddhism

Zen Buddhism was INVENTED at the SHAOLIN TEMPLE in northern China. The founder is Bodhidharma who traveled from India to bring KUNG FU to the Chinese monks. So Kung Fu was part of the Original Zen Buddhism. The ability to be compassionate monks and amazing warriors simultaneously has been lost over the centuries... until now.

Japanese Buddhism

Buddhism was illegal until they created a government version of it known as Shinto Buddhism. The Pure Land sect of Japanese Buddhists has lots of stuff pulled from the Christian bibles and beliefs. Each new version of Japanese Buddhism is based on government specifications so they have become less and less related to the Original Buddhism they admire. The government forced them to replace the Shaolin Kung Fu with sitting meditation because only samurai were allowed to learn fighting or carry a weapon. They've been sitting for so long they forgot why. (That's why they are the fat Buddhas.)

Let's start with the 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism
written by the first original Buddha of India, Siddhartha Gautama.

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