5 Soul Theory

Daily Taoist 1_45 – Buddha Zhen Explores TAO #23 WHAT You Do is WHO You Are and WHERE You’re Going

YouTube Video s eTRANSCRIPT: Daily Taoist 45

Oh yeah. My formatting. I’m realizing what I want to do is read THE TAO at the end of it as well. So when we’re done at the end, I’m usually in a hurry, I’ll try to read THE TAO again so we can kind of see where we were coming from.

The last one was harmonizing our desires with Nature. And our own inner Nature.

Tao #23

Actions equal your Nature.

I’ve got a song about this. But let’s just read on.

Intelligent actions equal an intelligent Nature.

Did I write that to compliment myself? [LAUGHS]

The rewards of actions are Natural events.

Rewards of actions… Ahhhh. See…. BING. A little light bulb went off. Because I’m looking for rewards… finance… sell… sales or something. But I can’t find that Natural event. That’s why I’m saying, “Do I get out of Patreon?” I was hoping Patreon would be a Natural event. That would help me market and find people who would appreciate and support me. But it was not the Natural event I guess I’m looking for. I don’t know. I’m lost. I’m lost on this planet. That’s why I don’t want to come back. There’s not a Natural event for me as an artist. Or a creative thinker… Or a philosopher… I can’t find the Natural events for me to tap into. To get sustanence or provide nourishment for other people. I can’t tap into that. I’m just like a lone wolf out here all by myself with nobody to talk to.

So the Natural events for me to grow and share with you– I haven’t figured that out yet. That’s why I’m trying YouTube and my websites. Is that my Natural event?

Here we go.

Goals are attained through Natural behavior.

Well, I don’t force myself to do this. In fact actually I have to force myself NOT to do stuff… to be a creative person. Because I’ve got so much other stuff to do.

So my Natural behavior though is to always tend back to creating the art and spending less time doing the other things I might want to do.

Trusting Nature, The Tao, is trusting one’s own actions.

Yes, I’ve come to harmonize with the fact I’m a creative person. I accept the fact that I have these needs and desires and abilities that need to be–just utilized. Just be who I am. So I’ve known that ever since I was a teenager. And that nobody else can see it. That’s–I could never figure that out. So hurtful… that people couldn’t see my Nature. Which I’ve had ever since I was a teenager.

My own mother, she sent me a card. Might have had a check in it. I’ve gotten two checks from my mom in the last two years. I think my relatives pressured her because they know I’ve been kicked out and my mother didn’t give me anything. She’s a millionaire. And I’m homeless. Anyway, so… but one of those things she gave me–she gave me a card. There was two. I kept them both. They’re very very confusing. I showed them to my friends and my friends went, “Wow. That’s weird.” But one of the card… well– [LAUGHS] It says, “I hope you find your dreams.”

It’s like, I found my dreams FIFTY YEARS AGO. I’ve just been playing with them and working and creating them ever since. But because my mother never saw it as a money pot–in other words, the dream is always at the other end of the rainbow. And when you actually find your rainbow that’s your dream it always comes with the pot of gold. See? So my mom married her, my evil stepfather who passed away last year and left me nothing so I could stay homeless. He was evil. [LAUGHS] he was a horrible person. That was my stepfather. Anyway he– I don’t really want to got there. But I had a reason for going here. But um… Yes, so anyway.

Where were we. Anyway. She said– She couldn’t– “I hope you find your dream.” I found my dreams, but my parents refused to accept that you’re allowed to have dreams. You’re not allowed– They call me “A Dreamer.” And they think it’s wrong to be a dreamer. It’s a sin to be a dreamer. In fact that’s one of the reasons my mom disowned me. She said I’m “A Dreamer.” That wouldn’t work. “Just get a job like everybody else.” She thinks it’s wrong to support dreamers. So she took me out of her “WILL” so she wouldn’t support a dreamer. That was her motivation.

Okay. Here we go.

Describe your personality.

Well, I’d like you to describe it. [LAUGHS] It’s changed though. I wasn’t so comical. You look at pictures of me as a kid. I was like this robot I was like Data [from Star Trek]. No emotion. No smile. I look at those pictures like– That’s why I’d like for some people to tell me what I was like. I had my own perspective. I was just being me. But when I look at those pictures I think, “Man, that’s a pretty–” I don’t know. I wasn’t sour but, I definitely wasn’t as jovial as happy as I was– as now. So my personality has changed you know to what it is now. And having kids made me able to just make a mockery of myself. Once you have kids, you lose all your ego. Your self-esteem. [LAUGHS] No, not all of it. You know, you…basically… you have to just– When you become a Mr. Mom. You have to get down into that world.

Which is also what destroyed my reputation with my kids, in terms of Taoism [Confucianism]. Which is okay, but in Taoism [Confucianism] the father is ‘grave’ at home. I was like, “What?” That was one of my favorite translations of that. But it always bothered me the most. So it took me fifteen years–or ten years to figure it out. Father is ‘grave’ at home. “What?” “What is that supposed to mean?” Well, what it means is when Father goes home and he starts playing with the kids–they’re never going to take him seriously. He’s just like the neighbor father. He’s like the other kid. Or he’s like mom. Or he’s like big brother. He’s not special anymore. So when the Father comes home–what they mean by ‘grave’ is he’s always acting like he’s in a funeral. He has his whole other world of friends, socializing, and business, and partying. He doesn’t take the kids. So he’s got a whole other social world. So when he comes home to his children–in Confucian society he’s a King. And his children treat him with respect. Sure he can go play. But he plays seriously. He’s a teacher. You treat this person like a college professor.

See, I didn’t have that with my kids. So my kids will never have that kind of respect for me. They see me as just the daycare worker. [LAUGHS]

Okay. Where were we? It’s six minutes. Let’s see:

Describe your personality.

You describe yours. Describe mine while you’re at it. I’d love to hear what you say.

Describe your spiritual character.

Oh man, has that changed over the years too. Remember? I was a Catholic. And I was an Atheist. And then I became a Buddhist. And then I became a Native American Pipe Carrier. Then I became a Taoist. And then, oh yeah, I studied the Muslim religion. I won’t call myself a Muslim but I’ve read their Quoran twice… And I was friends. They used to always invite me the Temple. I’ve hung out with Muslims. But I decided I didn’t want to join. I’m trying not be part– Even the Chan Buddhists, there’s a couple of sects of Zen Buddhism that have tried to claim me. And it’s like, “No, no, no, no, no. I’ll just go ahead and be independent.”

Nobody’s really helping me get to where I am and nobody’s network has really got what I need to go forward. I’m just better… being who I am and carving my path. It’s all coming together. My Tao is coming together. Creating my Nature. I’m creating my environment–my world.

Describe your student, employee attitudes and quality.

As a student and employee. As a subservient person.

I am so obedient. I am just digustingly obedient. I shouldn’t say it like that because it’s my success. If you hire me you get the best. You get the best worker. If I’m not the best worker I’d be shocked. I’m always in the top 10% or less. I mean I always want to be a good worker. My upbringing. That’s the one thing my parents taught me is how to be a great slave. I come from the Pennsylvania Dutch and they believe in the work ethic. “You work hard. Serve God.” To serve God. I mean, that’s how they drill it into you. You’re serving God by slaving. [LAUGHS] So I come from that. So I’m a great slave. And I work very very hard all day long and I don’t complain. And I worker harder– In fact, most people say, “Slow down. You’re making us look bad.” You know. So… And as astudent–

“Hello Buddy” [to cat] “Wanna come up here?”

As a student I also– I am a very very good student. Always at the top of the class. The teacher’s pet . When I was at UCLA I was hired by several of my teachers. My teachers hired me and I went out in commercials and music videos. I was such a good student they could tell I was a good worker. And… in one of my– in fact the reason I got on Cinesong, I was hired for Cinesong was I — Kevin Dole. Where are you Kevin Dole? I love you. You’re a great guy. I worked for you for a couple years. For a year anyway. One of my students, fellow students at UCLA had to go to a doctor appointment. She goes, “I’ve gotta work on a music video tomorrow for REO Speedwagon.” She goes, “If you’ll take my place on the video–I still want to take the paycheck but you’ll get the experience of working on a music video if you’ll work for free.” “Okay. I’ll do that.”

On that REO Speedwagon video, it was the first one they did. Can’t think of the name of it but I can picture it though. And in fact I even saw it on YouTube this year. But anyway, that music video. In fact, I think I looked up all of them I did last year. Buy anyway, the… I did so well– Ane one of the things I did, being a guy. Anyway, being a worker as opposed to a woman is that I kept sweeping and cleaning… and I kept asking them if the wanted coffee. And they ended up hiring me and working there for a year or so. And they told me later. They said that the reason they hired me was because I was just so unoffended to just go get a cup of coffee and do mundane things that evidently other people would go, “Tsk… Really? You want me to do that?” [LAUGHS] I was like, “Sure! You want a cup of coffee?” So that kind of enthusiasm got me that job and got me to make all kinds of commercials. And from there, we were working at Apogee. And Apogee saw me and they liked me and they said, “Hey. We’ll hire you too. We like you. You’re a good worker.” I was a Production Assistant on all kinds of movies and lie, “Spaceballs” “The Unholy”… all these movies and i was just working in the production. I was a Production Assistant. So I’m not even in the movie credits. I didn’t care. I was a student at UCLA. I was actually going to night school and doing these music videos… Like I said I met her at night school.

So.. but, by being a great employee–that actually changed my life.

Where are we? My cat’s right in the middle of my book. “Hi buddy.” [to cat] “I can’t see the page because you’re on my work.”

Here we go. Let me move it over a little bit. “Let’s share this book with me?”

Describe your leadership qualities and skills.

Ah. Now that’s very important. Now remember, most people are WOMEN – WORKERS. They’re employees. And an employee is not a leader. He’s a follower. So you’ve gotta remember 80% of our population is followers. Okay? But! Half of those people have to leaders to lead the other followers. So we’ve gotta train the followers to be leaders. Okay so…just letting you know you may not have the–you may not realize the whole picdture here.

Okay. Here we go.

Describe your romantic relationship qualities. Okay?

I don’t know what I have now. I mean I want to be romantic. I remember during the seventies or in the eighties if I went three weeks without sex it was like, “Wow! There’s something wrong with me. What’s wrong with me?” And then I remember when started to become more relationship oriented in the eighties, I thought to myself, “Wow! I haven’t been in a relationship for three months.” I remember those two things happening once. So I was in so many relationships and things. But I was in them for the wrong reason. I was in the relationship for the sake of being in a relationship.I wasn’t in the relationship because it was going to benefit my future, my career, of all these things. I wasn’t opportunistic and greedy as I should’ve. As a rseesult i had great sex, and love and whatever… but who cares? It’s all gone now. If I could do it over I would rather have chose more wisely. [laughs] Rather than– I’d arather go for quality than quantity. I didn’t get the quality.

So my relationship qualities were then were just– I was a stud. I mean, I could score really easy. And I’m not saying that to be macho or anything. It was just– It’s a shame. It was kind of a shame. It got too easy. And a lot of girls would like hit on meand say, “You wanna have sex?” And say, “Well okay.” [laughs] It was a different world back then. One night stands were a normal thing.

Okay. Where were we. Not for me. I still always at my most rambunctious I was still looking for a relationship. Always. I can definitely say that. I was always looking for a relationship.


Describe your family attitudes.

Ah. I had incredible family attitudes for a while. I thought I came from a better family than I did. When I tried to create my family. I was trying to create a little entertainment complex. You know. So, I was totally wrong. I was totally screwed up. My family concepts. Hopefully yours are better.

Real quickly:

What are your insecurites?

What are your fears?

Explain your pride.

Do you make mistakes and why?

Do you trust other people most of the time?

How are you helping other people attain their goals?

And sum up your Nature.

And lastly, people in the homeless industry do not help people get out of it. They don’t help them with goals. Nobody helps people with goals. That’s the most important thing we have to do in the world. That’s what I’m trying to do is: I’m trying to help you have goals and attain them. That’s really really important.


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Daily Taoist 1_11 – Buddha Zhen explains The WARRIOR Soul and Inner Nature of the Tao Of Taoism

Daily Taoist 11 – Buddha Z reads from The Tao of Taoism book he wrote for his Shaolin Kung Fu students.

YouTube Transcript: Daily Taoist 11

Okay.  Anyway, just took a break I found—
Man, seems I’ve got a lot of stuff I’ve got to get out of the way.
Before I record that audio book.
So… you guys are getting a whole bunch of bonus material here.  
Hope you appreciate it… 
Let’s see… anyway… Let’s continue on.
We’re on page eleven out of sixty-nine pages.  
Yeah, yeah. a couple left.  
A lot of pages of commercials in the back here.  
Sheesh.  About six pages of ads about myself.  
But anyway, it looks like the content actually goes to page 62.
Then there’s a bibliography… so 62 pages.  We’re on page 11.

TAO #2 of Tao Of Taoism

The nature of each person is a collection of various characters and identities.
Even the best or most pronounced abilities do not represent anyone as a description.
And that’s so true of the “5 Soul Theory.” 
Somebody is a soldier that doesn’t mean they’re a WARRIOR. 
That means they’re a WORKER acting in a WARRIOR capacity.
Now some of them are WARRIORS.
You can pick those guys out.  Those are the lifers and the people who seem to thrive.  
And you hear the stories about them. 
And and I’ve met some of them, you know.
They’re— they find their place there.  They accept their place, you know. 
In the battlefield… the danger… 
The fact that they noticed that other people can’t handle it, and they can… 
They start to realize, “Hey I’m different.” 
And so they just kind of accept it. 
But yes, there are WARRIORS. 
But they’re a small percentage.
I’m not sure how they got in there or where they came from.
Like I said, I don’t know the designs and origins of these “SOULS.” 
I’m calling them.
But anyway… okay, so like I said, just because you’re a Marine doesn’t mean you’re a WARRIOR. 
It means you’re a soldier which is a WORKER acting as a WARRIOR.
That’s not a WARRIOR. 

What — Is YOUR Nature?

Describe your own nature as you know it.
Oh man I’ve been talking about mine.
How does your nature guide you?
Well, real quickly…
I was gonna try to finish this page real fast 
but that that’s been one of the things I’ve had to figure out.
It’s been one of the conflicts.  
Cuz like I said, my family’s been always saying, 
“Go this way.  Go this way.”
I’ve always wanted to go: this way, this way… 
And so I’ve had this push-shove and I felt guilty.
And then sometimes when there was nothing going on…
And I wasn’t in a band… I didn’t have any money… 
And then they would say, “Go get a job!” 
And how can I defend my position you know? 
How can I convince them: 
that me staying home doing nothing or writing music 
and playing and recording and writing poetry… 
How can I convince them that that’s more important 
than going and getting a job? 
I can’t.  I couldn’t.  I still can’t.  [LAUGHS]
Now if I made a million bucks and I was Stephen King… 
They’d be going, “Do it.  Do it Richard…”
That’s a shame, if they actually would have supported me 
and helped me or promoted me… made my life better you know… 

Given me more time to promote myself as a writer that 
they’d probably be proud of me as I make millions of dollars.
But anyway… How do you know when you’re in conflict with your nature?
Like I said, it’s when I’m just doing things that— 
and I can’t do music— I can’t write— and I’ve got these ideas and I can’t do it.
And I can’t make a phone call like I’m a MANAGER. 
I can’t.  They say, “On no.  You can’t do it.” [USE PHONE]  
You have to wait ’til your lunch break.
In fact, in those days we didn’t have cell phones.
So that means you’d have to go to a payphone.
Which means I couldn’t do that.
Which means… So when I went to a union carpentry job I was gone all day.  
And I’d leave early in the morning.  So maybe I could catch them at night.
But they’re gone by the time I get home.
And you know… so you can’t have two lives.
You’re either a carpenter or a musician.
I couldn’t be both.  But I tried. So that was one…  

How Did You BECOME You?

So how did your nature develop unconsciously? 
Well like I said, I’ve always been driven to be music.
I’ve played music all my life.
My whole life, I’ve just done it.
And when I was 13 and I told my parents to trade in my— 
Actually might have been 12— but we’ll say 13.
Yeah was 12.  When I was 13 I told my parents 
to trade in my trombone and get me a guitar. 
They took my trombone and put in a music shop.
Got some money… 
“Where’s my guitar?” 
“We’re not gonna buy you a guitar!”
That was 1966.  [LAUGHS]
So anyway in 1967 I got a guitar.  
I went and got a paper route and I saved up enough money for a down payment.
50 bucks on a 150 dollar Fender Mustang, red Mustang.
And then I made payments on it and paid it off.
Ironically, I found out that by the time I was done 
giving my parents the money that I owed for that thing 
my dad kept paying it off for another five, six months.  
Because he was paying it off in smaller pieces than I was.
So I paid it off faster than my dad could pay it off
But anyway—  I was just trying to show you how I was— 
I was so determined to get my guitar.
And then when I was exiled to Newfoundland and I was up there— 

Exiled in Newfoundland – Performing to Geese

Before they finally sent me my guitar—
My uncle had a South American guitar.  So I played that.  
And every day I played it for them.
But I used tell that story.
Maybe you haven’t heard this one. 
After I was done working— I had 600 wild fowl.
I was on the Oxen Pond Game Reserve.  
If any of you are Newfies out there? 
You’re going to go, “Really you?  
You’re—“ and maybe they’ve even heard about me. 
Maybe I’m a legend. I doubt it. 
I lived there for a year.  Less than a year.
A half a year.
Anyway before they destroyed it.
They cut it and they killed all the animals.  Terrible story.
I was there and then I had to…
Then I took up with a television producer.
She adopted me.  
So I’ve got an interesting story there in Newfoundland
But anyway… Wait. 
How did I get on to that?  That subject? 
Oh, when I was playing for the geese.  
Anyway, so anyway, I’d do all my work
Do the geese in them and 
I’d sit out on the balcony and I’d play that guitar.
And all the geese would come.
It was sixty acres you know.  
So, but the geese would come from all over the place… 
and come up there.
Mostly because I was feeding them.
I wasn’t gonna walk sixty acres.
So I’d go down about that far… and that far… 
and put out the food and stuff like that.
But I didn’t want to walk all the way up there…  
Anyway it was more hassle.  
I’d just keep them spread out… it was easier.
So anyway I’d feed them out there twice a day.  
In the morning and then I’d feed them.
In the evenings I’d feed them. 
And then I had Ospreys and snowy owls 
down below in the basement that I had to go feed every day and take care of.
And so anyway in the evenings I’d play the guitar 
and all the birds would come down and collect.
And they would just sit there and be totally quiet.  
And when I stopped— they’d all raise up their necks…
 [CACKLE, CACKLE, CACKLE]. I was like “WOW!”
First time I was like, “They gonna attack me?” 
It sounds like this… sounds like they’re complaining… 
Maybe they don’t like my music.  [LAUGHS]
But no.  As soon as I’d start playing they’d be quiet.  
I’d play, I’d sing and it was the coolest…. 
I’ll remember that the rest of my life.
Anyway I did that for a few months.  
Yeah!  Playing for the geese.  
My… one of my first audiences.
As a soloist they were my first audience.  
[LAUGHS] That’s me.  Playing for the birds.
Okay I’m talking about Canadian Geese, ring-necks… 
all kinds of really you know, big stuff.  600.  
And wood ducks… oh I can’t remember all their names now.
Wood ducks and all kinds of stuff.
And it was my job to clip their wings so they couldn’t leave.  
So that’s why I knew I always had like 600 of them
 because every few months you have to 
cut off from their primaries underneath… 
so they kind of fly crooked.  They can still get up.
They could you know do something… 
but they can’t go airborne because they kind of go in circles.
Anyway that’s how we kept them captive.

The Exploratory Tao of Buddha Zhen

Where we going?  How many?  Seven minutes. 
Let’s see if I can wrap this up real fast. 
I’m not sure I’m trying to make little teeny sections.
I don’t— like I said, I don’t even know where I’m… 
Well I know where I’m going. 
But I’m kind of like finding the Tao you know.
This is like an exploratory Tao.
Usually when I talk about your Tao and your path, that’s a regular journey.
You’re making that on a regular basis… it’s the same type of path.
But right now I’m forging off into New Territories.
If you want to remember that soup analogy: I’m not sure… 
but there’s a big hunk of beef coming…
Here we go… Where are we? 
Who or what influenced your nature to be what it is?
I found out—  I’m born with some of it.
I used to give certain credit to certain people and things that are influences.
But what we do is— We can decide who we’re gonna be.
So that’s why like I said, somebody who’s a WORKER 
can imagine themselves as a WARRIOR, 
and maybe go out and be a soldier and do a good job.
That’s what it would be it would be.
It would be a job.  And they would do a good job.  
And that’s a soldier.

How can you— what can you do to improve or develop your nature?
For me it’s not work.
I shouldn’t have taken any jobs.  

Number one:  Don’t work for anybody else.
I mean I’m really kind of struggling right here. 
I gotta hope that I make some money soon because I really don’t want—
Well I can’t.  I’m actually— 
I’m not hirable.  I’m 66 years old.
Who wants a philosopher-poet-musician-manager 
whose companies aren’t making more than a hundred, couple hundred a month? 

What is Success of Tao Of Taoism?

So anyway, I just have about… I don’t have a fan club right yet.
Here we go.
What can you do to improve or develop your nature?
I’m with you right now.  This is part of it. 
I told you I was gonna— I decided the day that Oscar died— that day. 
And then he died in his sleep that night.
That day… that’s when I put it on my calendar.
I was gonna start doing this book on Tuesdays. 
I was gonna record a chapter like each week. 
I’d do a section.  Edit it.  Make it real professional.  
And upload to YouTube.
And then edit the audiobook and build 
a really professional audio book.

And so that’s what I had decided the day that he passed away. 
And so I’m saying,  I know… I’m kind of— 
I don’t know think I should talk about those things on the professional video or the audio book.
So I’m getting it all out with you.
Yeah, thank you for being here listening to my stuff.
Ten minutes.
I was hoping to get out of here quicker.  I’m sorry.
What can you do to improve or develop? 
Like I said, I’m doing it.
I’m being me.  I’m gonna develop my products 
and things that I’ve finished. 
I’m gonna take them to the next level instead of just 
letting them sit on my shelf where nobody’s gonna ever see them.

Like this book.  Remember— I wrote this book back in the ‘80s. 
Redeveloped it in the early ‘90s.  
And then turned it into this version ten years ago.
And still, nobody’s read it.
So that’s taking it to the next level… 
Maybe now somebody’s gonna run into my book.
And go, “Hey. Hey my friend should have this book too.” 
Alright, let me see… where are we? 

Do You KNOW What a Friend is?

Oh by the way, that’s what a friend is. 
A friend is anyone that improves your life. 
You can know all kinds of people… call them friends.
But if they’re not making your life better… 
supporting what you’re doing… 
You feel like they’re actually a support team 
or an improvement team…
Or an investor team, whatever… 
That— that’s your friends.  
Your friends are the people who improve your life.
Maybe I shouldn’t have said “investor” 
because maybe they don’t care about improving your life.
They’re just trying to improve their bank account.
They’ve got to want to improve your life.  
So it’s gotta be a part of their motive too- okay, 
that’s what it is: it can’t be accidental.

Which of your natures is most prominent or receives the highest priority?
That changes.  That changes.
Sometimes the WARRIOR gets up there.
And you know I’m the Kung Fu master.
How do you think I learned all these weapons 
and taught all these classes for 40 years? 
But mostly I’m a MUSICIAN. 
That’s why I even as a Kung Fu guy— 
I always had fun with my students. 
Never beat anybody up… Hurt people… 
want anybody to get hurt… like a hippy…. 
hippy… hippie Kung Fu master.
That’s what I am.  A Hippie Buddha.

The Tao of Your Future

Okay.  Let’s see— 
Which of your natures should be most prominent for the next five years?
I’ve got a nice blend going on now. 
They’re all kind of in harmony.  
So for me, my Tao is very complex.
That’s why I say, “Don’t use me as your example to be you. 
You probably just have WOMAN / WORKER / WOMAN / WORKER.
That’s it… and that’s fine.  And I’m gonna show you how to master that. 
And how to use it.  Because it’s a support team.  
You’ve got four people working together.  
So if you can figure out how to get this person to support this one
to support this one… and this one supports that one… 
and this one supports that one… 
You get that type of— that creates power.
So that’s what you want you know. 
And everybody just doing their own thing… but in harmony together.
So okay…
Which of your nature’s should be most prominent?
Well I guess the MUSICIAN’s up front.
But I’m trying as hard I… sadly… 
I’m trying as hard as I can not to write any music or play anything.

I’ve got this one song that’s been haunting me for like a week.
I went and just recorded some of it a few days ago thinking,  
“Oh hey, let’s get it out of my head…”
But it didn’t because I really didn’t get it.  
Did I know… I’m not gonna say at all… “that’s good.”   
So this is a song that’s like bugging me… to get out… 
And I’m just trying not to.
I’ve got all this— really— I mean I’m seriously not 
I’m in a terrible bind.  I’m on death ground trying to 
make enough money because in the next three months 
I’m gonna have all kinds of domains coming up. 
My web hosting coming up.  My… I’ve got my fees for 
my smog test and my car registration, and something else. 
I mean, all these bills are happening like within a two-month window… 
and I just don’t have that much money yet.
I know how much I’ll get each month and I’m— [LAUGHS]
How can I make some more money come in?
So that’s why I’m actually kind of late trying to let you finish some of these projects.
Because even this one— maybe I’m not gonna make any money right now.

Audiobooks by Buddha Zhen / Richard Del Connor

But if I can get that audiobook done…
And it used to be I had to have five finished audiobooks done.
I started this before I went homeless back in 2011. 
I was trying to get my audiobooks to be an 
audiobook producer for Audible.
And so if I could get my audiobooks and get them out there… 
I think that they could sell. 
I think that people like my voice.
And so I don’t know why it’s so kind of raspy today.
Actually I’m not singing in like one or two weeks.
My voice is actually.  Gosh listen to this.
This is what happens when I do not sing for over two weeks.  
I’m not driving around in my car or anything.
I don’t have any gas money, and my car’s got an engine light on.

So I’m like anyway… well, I’ve gotta sing.  
And I’ve got it on my calendar. 
I’m supposed to be singing every day.  I’ve got it every day— 
I got a little window I’ve gotta play flute… 
every day that I’m supposed to sing… 
I’m trying to regiment myself a little.
Push myself into some good habits.
Okay.  So… but—
Which of nature’s for the next five years?
It’s gonna be a blend.
My goal is to harmonize.  And yours too now actually.  
So as far as prominent— if it’s will get on that another time. 
14 minutes.  Okay. 


BOOKS by Buddha Z:


Buddha Kung Fu





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Rich Connor Singing Webmaster of Shaolin Digital

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Daily Taoist 1_10 – Buddha Zhen Finishes Explaining ‘5 SOUL THEORY’ of Richard Del Connor

“You’ve got the WORKER soul. You’ve got the WOMAN soul. That’s most everybody.”

Buddha Zhen jokes about red ink spots on his hands from his red pen. “I love these pens–but they leak really easily…”[Precise V5 Rolling Ball]

Buddha Z wiggles his pinky finger, “WORKER [soul].”

He wiggles his ring finger, “WOMAN [soul].”

He wiggles his middle finger, “WARRIOR [soul].”

He concludes, “W – W – W: Those three go down here at the bottom . You’ve got the 3-W’s: WOMAN, WORKER, WARRIOR. [SOULS will be capitalized from now on.]

“You can put them in any order, BZ continues. “Those three are the reproductive layer. Those are the ones that reproduce.”

“Up on top we have the rulers… I’m still figuring this out. This is a new concept. I just invented this theory a couple years ago.” [Current month is March 2020.]

“It’s been evolving through my poetry. I’m really excited to see my poetry evolve this awareness as I’m complaining about these things, and learning more until I finally figure it out… “Seeing how I got to here.”

Buddha Z holds up two fingers and grabs one.to wiggle. “The two on top. I gave you the MUSICIAN [soul]. The MUSICIAN is all creative thinkers. All the creative thinkers. People used to say, “These are people born with a ‘MUSE’… This is a special soul. The creative soul. I’m one of these people. Look at all my books. 150 books or something, maybe more. A couple thousand songs–all the things I create and do. I’m a creative person. That’s my soul. I can’t turn it off. It’s just who I am.”

Buddha Z laments about the years he was a laborer, not producing or utilizing his creativity. “It’s just a shame to be working full-time when I could be using my creativity. If I’m working I have to stop being creative.” BZ acts and pretends to be hammering nails. “Do that for a whole bunch of hours–my mind can’t be creative. If I start being creative I’ll hurt myself. Chop my finger off or something.

So you’ve gotta be careful. [Focused when working.] That’s why it’s not a good idea to put creative persons in those types of positions. Theyre suppossed to be creative. They’re the dreamers.

My family despises dreamers. In my family there are no artists. I’m the only one. The only one. So they despise me. They actually cannot understand me. Even after sixty years. I’m 66 years old and my parents still don’t accept the fact I’m a musician. They think it’s wrong. They think its a choice.”

Buddha Z points at the camera imitating his scolding parents and brothers, “You decided to do that just to piss us off!”

Buddha Z shrugs. “It’s not true but–” He smiles slightly, “Sheesh. How can a parent be pissed off their child has artistic talent? That’s terrible.”

“They just can’t understand.”

MANAGER and MUSICIAN Souls Are on the Top Row of 5 Souls

“So what’s the fifth one [soul]? We’ve got the three on the bottom and both the two on the top are M’s. So I use MUSICIAN because that covers all the creative people. And MANAGER [soul].”

“Now the MANAGER doesn’t have to be the scientist, or the guy who’s a MUSICIAN… or who’s good at math. That would be the MUSICIAN… The MANAGER is the one that goes for power. They’re not the one whose gonna want to stand in line and want to be on the assembly line. They want to own the company. They’re just not gonna be happy on the assembly line. You cannot bribe them into boredom like that. They just cannot do it. That’s the MANAGER.”

“Those two M’s on top: That’s what we got here in Washington, D.C. But now, we have a whole bunch of WOMEN who have a MANAGER power thing going… They have this emotional desire to be greedy and get what they need for their family. Because that’s normal. That’s the WOMAN’s job to collect everything.”

“The man [WORKER] goes off to work. But the WOMAN’s home all day. Kind of keeping everything intact. She’s not gonna sit there and watch the neighbors walk away with everything.”

Buddha Z pretends to be a WOMAN incorrectly, “”Oh you want the lawn mower? Take it. Okay. Go ahead and take our car.” No! She KEEPS everything intact.”

“The greed factor–“

“Sorry I said that so negatively. (Personal lperspective). But it’s just inherent. It’s the way it is. The greed factor is the WOMAN factor.”

WORKER Souls are the Working Class

“If the WORKER is greedy, “I want a raise! I want…” He’s gotta settle for what he’s got. He cannot be so greedy. I don’t know if they were created. Spiritually shave this of… and shave this… I don’t know. I’m still figuring out the dynamics of each one [soul].”

“On top you have the MANAGER and the MUSICIAN. So that’s what makes me kind of frustrated. I’m an ARTIST first.”

“In the first place I’m a MUSICIAN. Always been a MUSICIAN. I can’t stop being a MUSICIAN. I love being a MUSICIAN. If I could only do one thing and be happy–I’d be a MUSICIAN. I’m a MUSICIAN.”

“Next thing I am is a WARRIOR. I’m brave, fearless. I’m a hero. I like to help people. That’s where my compassion comes from. Weird. I thought It was a WOMAN thing. But it’s not. It’s a WARRIOR. That intention. I couldn’t figure it out. That drive.” Buddha Z gets teary eyed.

“I’m a hunter. I’m out there hunting rabbits at night. I’m out in the canyons by myself. it’s that WARRIOR thing… I don’t hunt anymore… No apologies… There’ve only been a couple times in my life I’ve killed an animal needlessly. And I bear that burden the rest of my life,” he says getting teary-eyed again.

“See. That’s the WARRIOR. The WARRIOR knows right from wrong. Youcan train him. Train him to know right from wrong. I was raised Christian so…, that’s my sense of right and wrong. I was a Catholic. That’s how I know right from wrong. That includes not killing needlessly. The Christians who do aren’t Christians.”

“Can you say them? The Three W’s on the bottom. WORKER, WOMAN and WARIOR. And then the two on top, MUSICAN and MANAGER.”

BOOKS by Buddha Z:


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https://www.facebook.com/spiritwolfoftruth/Buddha Zhen



Rich Connor Singing Webmaster
Rich Connor Singing Webmaster of Shaolin Digital

OFFICIAL Artist Website: Shaolin Records: Buddha Z


Buddha Z BOOKS Publisher: Shaolin Communications


Buddha Z RECORD Label: Shaolin Records


Buddha Z KUNG FU School: Shaolin Chi Mantis


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Buddha Zhen explains 5 SOUL THEORY including WORKER, WOMAN, WARRIOR, MUSICIAN and MANAGER souls.
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