Buddha Z EXPLAINS Four Noble Truths of Original Buddhism of India

Since I operate under several different pseudonyms we decided that Buddha Z will focus on the four Noble truths of Buddhism and Zen Buddhism concepts. As Buddha Z I also get to do heavy metal rap music. I’ve already recorded a bunch of songs. My other suit

My other pseudonym Buddha Jen will focus on the kung fu school and teaching the Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu thousand 22 launch the online school at Shaolin interactive.com

My real name Richard Del Connor will focus on the five souls of God concept. I’ve completed three books on this topic which explains how everyone is a combination of four of the five souls that we can possibly exist ass. After publishing these three books over the next three years I will publish the force and final book which will use scientific studies And scientific research to verify whether this five souls concept is true or false.

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