Shaolin Kung Fu LIFESTYLE

This Shaolin Chi Mantis BEGINNER PROGRAM is difficult, enlightening, and empowering.  It is an amazing program.  

Can you do it?

Are you capable of being as physically fit as a 67-year old senior?

Can you do Shaolin Kung Fu and swing a staff as good as an old silver-haired musician with a cat?

Let’s see if you can!

How fit are you?

Incidentally, I’ve trained professional boxers and they were always surprised how much they could learn and how these Kung Fu exercises helped them in the boxing ring.  I’ve rehabilitated chemo-therapy people who were shriveled to their bones… And these classes were the reason several people said they did not commit suicide during my years in Utah rehabilitation centers.  

Now I need this Shaolin Kung Fu to revitalize my life!

This program is my salvation.  I am going to complete this SCM Beginner Program and then MAINTAIN this super-natural health level with my NEW Shaolin Kung Fu LIFESTYLE I am doing for me.  Yes, we have to do it for ourselves.  

I believe I will be more flexible if I graduate SCM Beginner Program.

I believe I will have more stamina and vitality if I graduate the SCM Beginner Program.

I believe I will LIVE LONGER if I maintain my Shaolin Lifestyle.

I believe I will be LESS LIKELY to die of Covid-19 or any disease if I maintain my Shaolin Lifestyle.

I believe I will ENJOY LIFE MORE if I maintain my Shaolin Lifestyle.

I believe Shaolin Kung Fu is beneficial because I have data to show the results and effects of a Shaolin Lifestyle on hundreds of students.  

Because we don’t have sparring, I do not have the pains and joint pains and back pains and broken bone pains of my Karate colleagues who have retired in great suffering.  Unfortunately, their martial art made their senior lives painful and miserable.


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