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Who is Shaolin Kung Fu for?

A higher education student or professor is best suited for Shaolin Chi Mantis.  Colleges, universities and technology engineers thrive in Shaolin Chi Mantis.  All my schools are designed to make students smarter and heroes in their private Shaolin lifestyle.  The ability to help others and protect others should never be violent.  Give good advice to benefit others.

People of all intellectual abilities will benefit from Shaolin Chi Mantis.  Since 1984 only the people who did well in school were able to graduate the BEGINNER LEVEL of Shaolin Chi Mantis.  Most students would raise their grade point average from D to C; or C to B.  Those students who were B students (3.0 grade average) or higher seemed to go furthest and do the best.

If you are of higher education or enjoy learning–you will enjoy Shaolin Chi Mantis.  Smart people also enjoy our lack of sparring and injuries.  Not one broken bone in any school of mine since 1984.  So Shaolin Chi Mantis is a safe and healthy way to learn self-defense in a very artistic, intellectual and spiritual manner.  Seriously, Shaolin Kung Fu is my favorite martial art and favorite exercise.  I gave up many years of tennis to dedicate my life to Shaolin Kung Fu.  I was lucky to discover and organize the Shaolin Kung Fu I have inherited.  My gift and benefit was to create curriculums that were comprehensive and logical in the 21st Century.  In 2020 the ONLINE KWOON (school) was launched at www.ShaolinInteractive.com

I’ve begun filming the ONLINE CLASSES in my new Lancaster school.  I’m 66 years old and hope to film and graduate the SCM Beginner Level again by making 328 videos to complete all four semesters of the SCM Beginner Program.  I never allowed seniors over 50 to join Shaolin Chi Mantis.  I’m hoping to prove that because I’ve been already been doing Shaolin Kung Fu for 40 years — that this difficult martial art has extended my life and improved my health.

Can you keep up with this 66-year old senior?


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Buddha Z the Daily Taoist

Daily Taoist 1_04 – Buddha Z Explains History of Zen Buddhism

Intro Song: “In the Pool of Enlightenment” by Buddha Zhen,
on TAI CHI MAGIC 1 album, on Shaolin Records

Buddha Z explains how his bedroom recording studio is set up for a professional audiobook recording of TAO OF TAOISM. Buddha Z is Buddha Zhen is Zhen Shen-Lang is Richard Del Connor.

Buddha Z specifies what “Original Buddhism” is — and how other types of Buddhism developed in other countries like Tibet and Japan.

“Bigger Wheel Buddhism…” “The book has the information… but if you keep trying to hammer people into the shape of that book–then you’re using religion to conain people instead of free them.”

“Everybody is a buddha who gets it.”

“What is the formula to create a Buddha? That’s all if is. The secret to bea Buddha is to know what the 4 Noble Truths are, and then live a life accordingly, and you’re a Buddha. That’s it,” he shrugs.

“Bodhidharma seems like me… I don’t know if he was musician… he created Zen Buddhism. Zen Buddhism came from the Shalin Temple… He was also a martial artist so he created Shaolin Kung Fu… Fom 600 AD to 1600 AD everyone who did Shaolin Kung Fu was a Shaolin Buddhist. That’s it. They were Zen Zen Buddhists. They were all these Zen Buddhist doing Shaolin Kung Fu for a thousand years.”

Kung Fu without Zen Buddhism is Bodies without Minds

“Then the public said, “We like those dances but we don’t want the Buddhism. So they stripped off the Buddhism…”

“They stripped off the Qigong. They stripped off the advanced spiritual training. And they said, “Just show me how to hurt someone.” Buddha Z sad sighs and concludes, “That’s what Shaolin Kung Fu became.”

“So that’s why I’m glad to revive it,” Buddha Zhen bounces back with a smile. “It’s a way of life. Not a way to hurt people.”

“That’s not what people want to hear,” laments BZ. He goes on to compare modern civilization to the bloodthirsty Roman age of Nero.

Buddha Zhen says he wants to, “get all of this out of this out of my system so when I record the audiobook–I won’t jabber so much.”

INTRO SONG: “In the Pool of Enlightenment” by Buddha Zhen from Tai Chi Magic 1 album.

OUTRO SONG: “Inner Will” by Buddha Zhen from Tai Chi Magic 1 album.

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