Mirror .XYZ Crowdfund

August 16, 2022

Today I launched the FIRST Tai Chi Youth CROWDFUND in Web3 with payments in ETH.

If you don’t know what ETH or Web3 are you can still go to https://www.taichiyouth.org/donate/index.htmlwhere we’ve been receiving donations the old-fashioned website way since 1999 using PayPal, credit cards and debit cards.  


Back to my momentous accomplishment:  Our first CRYPTO CROWDFUND of Tai Chi Youth nonprofit founded 1996 for “troubled youth” in prisons, and rehabilitation centers.  The program made me so famous I had dozens of job offers I had to refuse.  I was a Mr. Mom in the 1990s and dragged me daughter around to my Shaolin Chi Mantis and Tai Chi Youth classes where she became an ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR at the age of 5 in 1996 when I launched the Tai Chi Youth programs in a YWCA, Continuing Education Program (Night school), Church of Religious Science, Unitarian Church, 3 elementary schools, a middle school, 2 high schools, 2 rehabs, and the Salt Lake City Parks & Recreation where I produced up to 3 Tai Chi tournaments each year.

Tai Chi Youth programs have been used for homeschooling children and is certified by the California Board of Education to qualify as a Physical Education program satisfying High School graduation requirements. 

Hundreds of lives have been improved by Tai Chi Youth… but let’s get back to this historic CRYPTO CROWDFUND of Tai Chi Youth I launched today.

I’ve been studying the crypto world of tokens, coins, NFTs, Web3, DeFi, blockchain technology, network bridging, crypto centralization and decentralized purchasing and storage in hot wallets and cold wallets.  I know a little about everything.   Last year I created the Tai Chi Youth DAO as a new form of blockchain GOVERNANCE to augment our traditional Tai Chi Youth BOARD OF TRUSTEES of our nonprofit.  Contact me if you want to get involved.  Spoiler Alert:  The Tai Chi Youth DAO will also be launching our first DAO DeFi fundraiser during September next month.

Here’s what I did:  

1.  I created an “EDITION” fundraiser at Mirror .XYZ first.  Yes, the Web3 world has different web addresses.  Tai Chi Youth has an NFT collection at https://OpenSea.io/taichiyouth 

This “EDITION” I published today is an NFT I minted at Mirror.XYZ and they will collect “ETH” payments and deposit them into our Crypto wallet of Tai Chi Youth.

A CRYPTO WALLET is like a bank account that anyone can deposit crypto money into.  

This “EDITION” gave me a glimpse into my new platform: Mirror.XYZ

SO:  You can donate to Tai Chi Youth by purchasing ONE of these NFTs limited to 100 copies for 0.1 ETH

The price of “ETH” changes daily but today that  was = $1,900 per ETH today so 0.1 ETH = $190—

Here’s the address to look at/purchase this NFT titled: “Ming Tai Chi Crane Wing”


2.  So then I created the CROWDFUND at Mirror .XYZ.

This is really cool but a little complicated.  

You go to this crowdfund and BUY an NFT.  That money goes into the Tai Chi Youth NONPROFIT CRYPTO WALLET connected to the nonprofit bank account at Wells Fargo.  I can explain this “transfer process” later or give me a call, I enjoy teaching people about blockchain technology.  Maybe I’ll start a podcast…

You now OWN this NFT.  Each of these 4 different NFTs correspond to a different donation size and each one has a different number of possible “mintings.”  Just like “MINTING MONEY” you “MINT AN NFT” which can be resold for a loss or profit or kept as a collectible in your “NFT COLLECTION.”  


3.  Then I created my first “TEXT NFT” (but I put a picture in it anyway).  I didn’t know these existed until today.  I can write an essay/document and then create a “TEXT NFT” that people can purchase in limited minting supplies for collection, resale or in this case have a document commemorating a CROWDFUND LAUNCH.  Some people collect these crowdfund announcements.  So I created a CROWDFUND LAUNCH TEXT NFT that people can buy of a limited number.  This is CROWDFUND #3 of the Mirror.XYZ Tai Chi Youth Online School Crowdfund.


4.  Whew!  I’ve been studying and talking to people who know more about this than I do for the past month and discovered CROWDFUND PART 4.

It’s called a “Patron Podium.”  (I’d never heard of this before either).

This is where the top 3 highest donors fight to be first place like an auction—but it is for prestige.  

So I had to create 3 NFTs for these guys to fight for and win with the largest donations to the Tai Chi Youth Online School Crowdfund.

So today I just launched 4 CROWDFUNDS at the mirror .xyz WEB3 site although 99% of YOU PEOPLE reading this probably have NO IDEA what I’m talking about.  

Well, until I got cancer chemotherapy last year and laid on my back for four months listening to videos and audiobooks explaining this stuff, I didn’t know anything either. 

Call me if you want to know more.

Check this out and be impressed by how cool and nerdy I am.  “Tai Chi Youth Online School Crowdfund” at MIRROR .XYZ

Buy an NFT and join the future that our kids our going to learn about in kindergarten.  In 1995 I didn’t know how to operate a computer on the internet until I became a “TEACHER’S AID” for my daughter’s kindergarten class.  The teacher taught me how to use the internet and then I taught each of the kids how to use a computer and get onto the internet while she went back to keeping the rug rats occupied.   

Call me for more info.  Text me a compliment about how cool I am.  Welcome to the future!