Buddha Z Needs Links

Which Links Should We Use?

Rich Connor Singing Webmaster of Shaolin Digital is deciding which links to go to from the BuddhaZ.com website for associate products.

Buddha Z has books for sale at amazon.com, itunes.com, and our own website shopping carts:

Over the last 20 years I have built product sales pages FIRST at the www.ShaolinCOM.com website.  This website had every product of every company of mine.

Now, I am considering posting and selling books at www.ShaolinCommunications.com  That is our book publisher.

Then, sell all the books and music videos at www.ShaolinRecords.com ?

Finally, movies, documentaries, and special visual products should be sold at www.ShaolinPictures.com ?

There are some product websites I built also:

If a record album by Kung Fu Cowboy is available at www.ShaolinRecords.com, Should I send them from KungFuCowboy.com to ShaolinRecords.com ?

Or should I sell the album right there on the KungFuCowboy.com website?  These are questions I need to answer as I move forward into these artist and product websites.