Good Kung Fu = Good Lifestyle

Exercising is boring.  I was homeless at NoHo Park for a few years and saw the exercise programs come and go from there.  None of them lasted more than three years.  None of these programs had anything new to offer after the first year, and usually nothing new after the first month.

A lifestyle needs to be interesting.  

A lifestyle needs to be rewarding. I recommend a Kung Fu lifestyle.

Most people are crappy students at everything but LIFE IS BETTER when LEARNING something.  Learn anything.  The brain needs exercise.  

This SCM BEGINNER PROGRAM has enough information for a lifetime of study and reflection.  The Kung Fu is challenging and the classes include philosophy, history, self-awareness and Zen Buddhism.

Challenge yourself.  Have some friends join up also so you’ll be motivated even more by the competition of keeping up or getting ahead… See if you can graduate all four semesters to ultimately graduate the SCM Beginner Program.  The SCM Beginner Program is equal to a Karate Black Belt.  

Just take these four semesters of classes which are each 6-months long — and then two-years later, start at the beginning again.  I’ve taught this entire SCM Beginner Program many times and it is too difficult and informative to ever be boring.   And even though I wrote the books: I learn many things each time I teach/attend these classes myself.  Sometimes I’m surprised how many new things I learn each semester I retake the classes.

Then when YOU ARE 67-years old:  Use this program to revitalize your life?


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