Daily Taoist 1_17 – Buddha Zhen Reads TAO #7 of Tao of Taoism based upon Dao Te Ching by Lao Tzu


Okay. Going on with my shiny head.

NUMBER 7: of the Tao Te Ching. According to me, Buddha Zhen.

As one argument begins, another is ended.
Eventually, all things started will end.
It is the cycle of beginnings and conclusions that should be viewed from as far away as possible;
rather than be caught in the middle, or on either side, where the viewpoint is limited.

Okay. There’s a lot to unpack in that one. Okay? So. Remember he was actually–Lao Tzu was a politician. He had something to do with the managerial parts of the government. I don’t actually know much about it. Like I said, I’m not a Lao Tzu expert. I just happened to get his book and go, “Ooooh.” [laughs]

I liked his stuff. Thank you, Lao Tzu. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Okay. So let’s see. Here we go NUMBER 7:

First sentence. As one argument begins, another is ended.

Okay. I’m thinking of several things, but you may think of something I don’t so I don’t want to hamper your thoughts.

So here: Next one. Eventually, all things started will end.

Okay. Now that sounds simplistic but put it in perspective. Because we just talked about something starting and ending. An argument… An argument. By saying eventually all things started will end: an argument will end. You might die, and that might be the end of the argument. [laughs] Anyway…

It is the cycle of beginnings and conclusions that should be viewed.

How long does that take? That’s got new thoughts coming into my mind.

So in other words, it is the cycle of beginnings and conclusions. The startings and endings of all these arguments — that should be viewed from as far away as possible– not in the middle or not on either side to be able to see them all. So it’s gotta be far away.

There’s that mosquito hawk.

“Bear. Snack.” He can hear it I think. Let’s see… This is a big one. I’m distracted. I’m gonna have to get that bug so I’m not distracted.

Okay. So here we go. So in other words, if you really want to see the big picture…

Here we go. Do you argue with your parents? Explain.

Do you argue with your loved ones? Explain.

It’s coming over here. [mosquito hawk] I’m gonna smack it with my book. Sorry. ‘SMACK.’


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