Daily Taoist 1_16 – Buddha Zhen Reads TAO #6 PART 2 of Tao of Taoism self-help inspired by Lao Tzu

Buddha Zhen starts over on TAO #6 after killing a mosquito hawk with his Tao Te Ching notebook he reads from. In Daily Taoist 16 Buddha Z discusses the yin and yang of character: the positive and negative character. Can you face the truth and see how your negative and positive characters balance each other?

YouTube Transcript for video of the Daily Taoist 16.

Alright. I don’t know if I’ll post that last one if there was anything there.

Anyway, #6:

Distinguishing between opposites creates the illusory value of each one.

In other words, that’s creating prejudice.

Okay, so real quickly because we already covered this in case I post that last one.

How do you value or rate the strengths of your positive character?

Okay. The part of you that positive things presumably.

How do you value or rate the strengths of your negative character?

That part of you that is maybe self-destructive, angry, emotional, bitter… and something.

How does your positive character control your negative character?

Hopefully– I don’t know. Is the next question going to be the opposite? [laughs] Probably. So how does your positive character influence your negative character?

You know. If you’re emotional or anger. If you have anger issues. How do you– What is the positive– What is your way of dealing with it. Even if it’s not working well. What is it?

And how does your negative character control your positieve character? Maybe… that’s definitely the case with some people. I mean, somebody’s gonna be more one than the other. So is it gonna be negative or positive?

How can your positive character be better utilized?

Okay… not think about the negative. What about the positive? What can you do with that positive character? Just get more done. Or do something. What does it want to do? Okay.

How can your negative character be better utilized?

Now there you go. Now if you do have some sort of negative issues or qualities perhaps you can channel them into something. I don’t know. If you’re really angry you might get a job digging ditches and swinging a sledge hammer. [laughs] Might make you feel real good. I did that.

So anyway, how can your positive and negative characters be better balanced?

Okay. Now you can’t get anywhere until you admit the truth.

Mosquito hawk came in with Bear a minute ago. I got distracted. Pardon me. “Kill the spider.”

Okay so anyway that’s NUMBER 6. We made it. Two minutes! There’s a record.


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