Warrior Buddha is Buddhist Zorro
Buddha Z
Shaolin Cowboy Zorro

ZenZ 4:
September 4, 2010
"Seeing the LEVELS People Live In"

ZenZ 3
April 11, 2010
"I Shaved My Head Today"

ZenZ 2
April 4, 2010
"Your Life is Your Work"

ZenZ 1:
April 9, 2009
"Collective Success for
Individual Success"

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ZenZ 4
Seeing the LEVELS People Live In

Original 8 LEVEL concept of Shaolin Records and American ZenFirst Level of Zen BuddhismAmerican Zen is America's first Buddhist rock band. Their Buddhist journey utilizes the teachings and information of the Shaolin Zen CyberTemple.

The 8 LEVELS were organized at first, utilizing the collections of concepts and spiritual teachings of several religions.

This was also our first attempt at a color scheme for the album covers, to properly represent the "spiritual color" of that phase.

Teachings include Japanes Zen, Native American, and Chinese Chan Buddhism of the Shaolin Temple.

Here are some webpages with information on how American Zen have utilized this spiritual heirchy to advance upward toward Nirvana.

LEVEL 3 of Compassion2005 LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind
            American Zen LEVEL 1 Webstories

2007 LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer
            American Zen LEVEL 2 Webstories

2008 LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me
            American Zen LEVEL 3 Webstories

2010 LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy Part 1: KING SOLOMON'S TEMPLE
             American Zen LEVEL 4 Webstories

King Solomon's Temple Murder of Hiram Abif


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