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ZenZ 4:
September 4, 2010
"Seeing the LEVELS People Live In"

ZenZ 3
April 11, 2010
"I Shaved My Head Today"

ZenZ 2
April 4, 2010
"Your Life is Your Work"

ZenZ 1:
April 9, 2009
"Collective Success for
Individual Success"

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Zenz 2
Your Life is Your Work

Zorro with little zee


"Do the work that's best for you."

elderly Mason to Buddha Z, 2008


A lady overheard me explaining how I couldn't support myself despite the fact I was working really hard and creating wonderful things...

She looked at me and explained the problem from a better perspective, "You're an artist."

That was insightful. I'm not a drone. I'm not a grunt. I'm not a moron. I'm not an executive. I'm not an employee. I'm not a business partner.

I'm an artist.

Art is my work. So I've been studying the biographies of some famous sculptors and realized they all lived near each other, hung out together, competed with each other, and gave each other job referrals.

I need to hang out with artists like me.

I don't know a single one.

No wonder I'm so alone and confused about my destiny. There isn't one single person in my worldly environment that is supporting, promoting, and encouraging my work as an artist. All my deadlines are self-imposed. My albums are never contracted by a record company or paid for ...

I just keep producing art.

Money has never been a factor.

Now money is a factor: I need a home for my computer...

So success had better move a little closer to me...

Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang the Spirit Wolf of Truth Chinese dragon blood chop

January 1, 2010

Love and best wishes,
Buddha Z

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