Covid-19 Vampire? Buddha Zhen Loses Sight for Two Weeks

June 2020:  I’m in lockdown.  I’m a senior.  I get meals delivered.

I was probably wearing a mask, but sometimes others weren’t… 

Don’t take your packages from your deliveryman directly.  Ask them to, “Just set the box down.  I’ll pick it up.  Thank you.”

I didn’t go blind–but I couldn’t go into the sunlight without my eyes being burned mercilessly by the sun.  It’s the same as the time I got an eye exam and they used the eye-dilation drops.  Going outside without sunglasses, even squinting was painful for my eyes.  My self-therapy was to go for 2-mile walks without sunglasses… painful to my eyes.  People probably thought I was an Oriental with my narrowed eyes.  (At this time, November 14, 2020, I believe I did not suffer permanent damage.)

But I stopped Kung Fu class recordings of the Shaolin Chi Mantis BEGINNER PROGRAM.  I didn’t want to have a bunch of online classes being, “THE COVID CLASSES…”

After a couple weeks of other flu symptoms… I thought I should’ve felt better… This Covid-19 is different.  I used to go to theaters just to catch a flu and get it over with in a day or two.  But this disease lingered.  I felt sluggish for a month.  

Even with my surgeries in the past few years, I never took a month off from teaching classes.  There were times when I couldn’t stand up for more than 10-minutes due to an internal cyst in 2017.  But I’d keep my Shaolin Kung Fu classes going by mostly sitting and leading the class from sitting on my ass.  Hee-hee. Kung Fu was less painful than standing-still.  So I even performed Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu for some Chinatown events those years.

I still felt crappy as if gravity had increased and I was full of sand this summer.  When my lungs cleared I thought it should be over with.  But I was a little sick… after being a lot sick…  So I stopped Kung Fu classes for June, then July… But I didn’t have any students.  Not even any private lesson students.

So my body is shrinking.  Sidekicks aren’t as high.

During the 1980s one of my Shaolin Shifu, Dr. Kam Yuen, told me, “When people age their ligaments shrink.  That’s why some people become hunchbacks.  Everyone shrinks, but if you are more flexible the shrinkage appears less when you are older.”  

I’ve shared that wisdom with hundreds of students and now I’m sharing it with me.  I’m shrinking.  I’m 66-years old.  I’ll be 67 on February 4, 2021.

My brother had one of his hips replaced this year and will have the other hip replaced next year.  He says he’s been living in constant pain for many years.  He’s four years younger than me.  I asked him if we have a genetic flaw like German Shepard dogs.  He laughed and explained that the damage to his body was caused by his lifestyle of motorcycles, dune buggies, surfing, and ‘stuff.’  He said his physical problems were a result of his “lifestyle.”

I have no hip pains except for less flexibility.  This 2020 year of no classes and students: has negatively affected my lifestyle.  Less classes means my body is becoming “normal.”  I don’t like “normal.”  Normal may be natural, but I want to be SUPER-NORMAL.  


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