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I founded this ONLINE Temple of the ORIGINAL Zen Buddhism (Chan Buddhism) in 1999 at   I used this website to teach my children the Original Buddhism of Shakyamuni Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) and the Original Zen Buddhism of the Shaolin Temple in China.  I also used this as the source material of the first podcasts in 2006 of the Zen Buddhist Podcast of Shaolin Zen.  By reading the material on this website and discussing it with additional stories of my life as a Mr. Mom I created an enormous following.

I apologize for all those who may have felt abandoned when I became a homeless monk and could no longer afford the hosting fees to maintain my podcasts.  I learned a lot from devoting my life to raising my children.  I also learned that my expectations of my children being an investment in my future was wrong.  I truly enjoyed raising them and being with them 24/7 as a Mr. Mom.  But I had expectations.  Yes, there’s that word we consider to be the birth of suffering.  So I suffered, and learned.  I can’t regret the love and compassion and satisfaction I had while raising my children.  Some of those years as a Mr. Mom were the best of my life.  But filial piety is not to be expected in our modern world.  I’ve learned accordingly and look forward to sharing my illumination and enlightenment from what I’ve accordingly learned by experience and what I WISH I KNEW BEFORE THESE EXPERIENCES.

I enjoy counseling my students and their families and now I know a lot more from experience and study.  I look forward to helping my students, friends and listeners be more successful in their lives as I continually improve my own life.  (Which is a really cool life!!!)

In fact: (last update?) After contracting Covid-19 during summer of 2020 I stopped filming videos for several months.  I had to reevaluate and decide how to put / keep / add Shaolin Kung Fu into my daily life.  My Shaolin lifestyle.  After spending a few months without Shaolin Kung Fu I am DEDICATED to doing Shaolin Kung Fu DAILY (for new reasons) and realize that any day without Shaolin Kung Fu is a day of less accomplishment and maintenance  of my Shaolin Lifestyle.  This is Noble Truth #4.  Shaolin Kung Fu is my Noble Truth #4.  What’s that?  I look forward to explaining…


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