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Hello there. Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang. I’m also Richard Del Connor.

I finished my cancer radiation and chemotherapy for colon cancer in August 2021. I’m writing this in September and I’m only able to work normally the past couple weeks. In another month we will check to see if the cancer is gone. My doctor says: “You’re still cooking. That radiation has accumulated each day over the two months of daily treatments.”

Bear has been supportive as I limp from bed to cat bowl.

I have two Patreon accounts. So I think this is going to be INTRO for my BUDDHA ZHEN account where I do Taoism, and Buddhism, and Confucianism and also Strategy based on Sun Tzu.



Well, actually there’s two books called THE ART OF WAR.

But anyway. All that oriental military– not military martial arts philosophy.

And the Original Buddhism. Also Zen Buddhism. And I’m also teaching Kung Fu but you can’t see all my weapons here.

Well anyway, Shaolin Kung Fu, Taoism, Buddhism. I’m gonna be able to start pumping them out.

I just got settled up here in Lancaster. I’ve got an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Coming to you now. I’m an iPhoneographer.


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