Daily Taoist 1_61 – Buddha Zhen Reads TAO #34b – Can Politicians Tell The Truth with a Pure Heart?

YouTube Video TRANSCRIPT: Daily Taoist 61 — #34b

[LAUGHS] I was gonna take a break and go to the bathroom, but I looked ahead and want the next one. We’ll finish #34 ‘a’ and ‘b’ — this is ‘b.’

Buddha Zhen here reading from the TAO OF TAOISM written by me. Based on the Dao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, the BOOK OF CHANGES.

I’m on #34b. I started to get up and I looked at this, and I go, “Oh my goodness!”

It says,

Truth is recognized by a pure heart,
not anxious eyes and convincing words.

Truth, and my name’s Truth. I saw that and thought, “Awwww.”

Truth is recognized by a pure heart–

“Pure heart.” Now how do we define that? Well, in my case I’m altruistic. I’m a creative person. I like to make people happy. I make things. I help people. I heal people. I try to gtive good advice. I raised my kids. You know, so I’ve got– I think that’s kind of a pure heart thing.

Um– Impure hpeeart would be somebody who wants to do malevolent things, and terrible things, and hurt people, and kill people, and poison people, and make people’s reputations worse. I guess. I’m just guessing. Fortunately, that’s not me.

Okay. Why do people ever disbelieve you?

I don’t think– I have such a great reputation–I don’t think people do disbelieve me. I think that’s why when i say really whacky things like my “5 SOULS THEORY” they kind of like get — They kind of get– They don’t want to just– They know that — I don’t know. That they buy– Anyway, yeah. I think I’ve got a high believability index despite the fact I’m giving you radical stuff you don’t believe.

Why do you ever disbelieve other persons?nk

Usually because i can tell they’re just spouting other people’s rhetoric you know. They’re not really thinking. They’re not telling me something that they know. They’re telling me something that they heard. And people who just pass things on like that–like birds you know. They hear something and say the same… I don’t know. They’re dogs barking. That’s what most people are. They’re just dogs barking. Dogs bark. And they bark. And they start barking… It’s–

How do you recognize the truth?

I have trouble with that. Because I think that everybody’s as honest as me. I don’t have this thing for seeing– And this thing about looking off to the side, and this stuff. I’ve watched all the– And I’ve watched all the FBI things. There’s a whole bunch of videos you can watch about these FBI interrogators and the talk about how to tell when people are telling the truth. And they totally dispel that ‘looking off to the side’ because I know I do that all the time. When I’m thinking, I’ll look off and go, “Well, what was that?” And it’s just to kind of distract me because if I look right at you–then I’m thinking about you. But sometimes I want to just be able to think off, instead of closing my eyes — I look off. And so that–I’m really glad to hear them dispel that myth. Because you know, I do that all the time.

So let’s see. How do you know when people are telling the truth?

I don’t know. They just–like I said, you can tell–when they’re saying something someone else said. You know, like when someone says some religious rhetoric and it sounds like something they read off a pamphlet. They don’t really know that. They’re just repeating some words.

How do you convince people of a lie told by another person?

I don’t. I can’t. It’s against my Nature to pass on a lie. I can’t do it. It would-It would-it would be not me. I’d never be able to say, “I’m me,” anymore.

How do you change your voice, or expressions to convince other peole of the truth?

[LAUGHS] I get excited. You know, so I think maybe the truth kinda gets me excited. So maybe that’s an indicator. It’s not like I get excited to tell a lie. So my excitement might be an indicator.

How often and why do you say, “trust me,”?

Aaaahh. YOU, as a person. How often do YOU say, “Trust me,”?

I was looking ahead to see if I say it.

Another thing you might say is, “I promise.” If you say, “I promise,” or “trust me,” then you’re a liar. I know. I know. Don’t feel bad. You know, you improve! Okay? Stop saying– So you’ve been a liar. Okay, you’re a liar. You’ve lied more than you needed to. You’ve lied. You thought you needed to all the time. Okay. So you’ve lied. You needed to lie. Let’s see if we can figure out how to change your Tao to where you always tell the truth and you never ever have to lie again.

And you can say things to bother people and piss people off or whatever. But at least you tell the truth. Yeah.

Bear’s going, “Are you done?”

Alright. So let’s see. So if you say, “trust me,” and “I promise,” you’re a liar. So don’t say those two things. Don’t ever say, “trust me,” and don’t ever say, “I promise.” That means that all the rest of the time you’re lieing. So…

Were your parents trustworthy and why do you think so?

How did your parents influence your concept of trust?

Well, fortunately they didn’t. They didn’t. My parents are like I said, they’re greedy selfish Republicans. They don’t trust anybody except their accountants WHO RUN OFF WITH THEIR MONEY. This guy ran off with what? Half a million, or a million bucks of my mom’s. I mean they trust people who are criminals. So… They trust anybody who basically is like Trump. Will promise them something. “Oooh. I’ll make you some money.” “Really? Okay. Okay.” [sigh]

Remember evil just requires ignorance and desire. So I guess that’s why I have evil parents. [LAUGHS] Okay.

How easy and how often do you–

Whoops. I’m on the right page? Umm. Yeah. Well, there’s a whole bunch of stuff. But okay. Let’s see–

Have you ever lied to your lovers?

Okay. Have you?

How much have you lied to your firends?

You know. I’m sure you did it for a good reason. How many times? In the last five years? Ten years? How many lies have you told? You know–just to make things go easier. Just little lies.

How much have you lied to your parents? And why?

[SIGH] I deceived my parents. I don’t know about lieing to them. Because lieing has always been a tough thing for me. Well, I told some lies in my time. Especially when I was a little kid. I can remember. So that’s why I stopped doing it. You tell some lies… Maybe you forget you lied. Maybe that’s why some people keep lieing. Yeah. [LAUGHS] Remember when you told a lie. Think and not do it again. At least it does for me. Um… anyway… lied to your parents… I deceived them. I did certain things. But they wouldn’t want to know the truth. I think that’s what the problem is. My parents never asked for the truth because– maybe because I might have lied. But also, they just didn’t want to know.

When I was arrested and exiled from the United States in 1970 on drug charges–I was kicked out of the country. Um… literally exiled. I wanted to tell my parents about it. My dad didn’t want to know about it. My mom didnt– I was… willing to tell them what was going on. They said, “No.” And then when I came back and you know I’d been..human trafficked. I mean, I was 16 years old and sold to a couple… Anyway… um… Anyway, bad things– to people– It didn’t turn out so bad. People tried to make bad things… well… [SIGH] Anyway, I was part of human trafficking and as a result when I came back I tried to ts watll my parents about it. My dad said, “It’s water under the bridge.” He didn’t want to hear about it. My mom says– She said it a different way. I can remember. We were standing on the front porch of the house I grew up in. “I don’t want to hear about it.” Those were her exact words. “I don’t want to hear about it.”

Okay. Let’s see. So yeah. I never had to lie to my parents because they never wanted to know the truth.

So how easy and often do you tell the truth, even when it gets you in trouble?

I’ve stayed out of trouble by lieing. Couple times. But that was during the drug days. When I was a teenager. I had drugs. A policeman. I lied to the policeman a couple of times.

When is it okay to lie?

Well, when I lied to those policemen, I don’t know that the truth would have done me any– I think the truth would’ve worked against me. Because the laws were not fair at that time. There was a law that was unfair. It was like saying–if it was illegal to be Jewish and I would’ve told the truth and said<Yes,” I was Jewish you know I would’ve been imprisoned. So instead of saying, “yeah I know it’s illegal to be ‘whatever this is’ I lied and said, “I’m not that.” Even though i was. So, I told a couple little lies like that. I don’t feel good about it. But it was because the law. If it wasn’t for the law, I wouldn’t have lied. I haven’t had to lie since. I don’t tell lies since then. It’s even legal to smoke pot so I don’t have to lie about that. But I still keep it under wraps so nobody knows. [laughs] Because as a teacher, and stuff like that I had to have a reputation that’s good. But anyway–

Where are we right now? 8 minutes.

So, How much have you lied?

We’re wrapping that up.

How easy– How easy and often do you tell the truth even when it gets you trouble.

And when is it okay to lie?

Well this is a troubling question for me. Because Buddha and Lao Tzu answered that question about lieing. Even Buddha said it’s okay to lie if your intentions are pure. [LAUGHS] What? He gives the expression of– Do I have time here? Uh, I was going to go to the bathroom so I’m actually in a hurry to get out of here anyway.

But Buddha tells the story of the burning house. And there’s a girl. A little girl on the second floor. And the house is on fire. If he tells her– She doesn’t know it yet, because the back of the house is on fire. But he’s gotta get her out of the house. And so their down, down on the street and they’re saying, “We need you to come down here the house is on fire!” “OOOOOOOOhhhhOOOOOOhhh…” She’ll panic. She’ll get all scared. You know, she might not want to come down the stairs. So… Buddha says, tell her a lie. Tell her that you’ve got this special painted pony they just delivered and is waiting for her to have a ride. “Come on down and get a free fide on this little pony.” So in other words, liell to the little girl to trick her to come down on the pony… to save her life. That story has bothered me my whole life. I’m still coming to terms with it.

But now we go to Socarates. Socrates says it’s important for politicians to lie. He said a politician shouldn’t let the other– But that’s because they’re all combative. Because they’re all trying to kill each other. If they weren’t trying to kill each other, maybe they could tell the truth. But you don’t tell them what all your stockpile is. You don’t tell them all your secret weapons. You always lie. You say, “Oh we only have ten atomic bombs.” Or you know, 2,040 atomic bombs. What do we have? 10,000 or something? But anyway, politicians lie. And Socrates and Plato kind of supported that a little bit. The book, REPUBLIC, which I’ve read a couple of times. Most of it. 98% of it, I totally agree with. But there were a few things in there i still have trouble with.

But this is it. That truth thing. Is I don’t think– I think the politicians– I think that maybe we should look at it a different way. If a politician is in a situation where he has to tell a lie to do something good, then the Tao is wrong. [house is on fire] The Nature is. That’s what we’re talking about: The Tao. So the Tao of politics is wrong. When lieing works to make– works within politics… Then the politics is poisoned. How about that? We need a poli– a politics and a politial world where people can always tell the truth. Even two leaders going to war. “Ah… I’ve only got 2,000 nuclear warheads. I know you’ve got 10,000. I know you can kill me. But I’m still gonna go to war.” You know, 2,000… it only takes one you know, but… That’s… Why does… Lieing doesn’t need to be a part of this. It’s evil and terrible and horrible no matter how honest you make it. So… I don’t know how to make that into a reasonable scenario for you.

But the point is, I think that everybody should just tell the truth and everything will come out better. Because the war’s gonna be over and then you’ve gotta be friends. And you find out, “OH. You LIED to me. You lied about THIS. Well if you LIED about THAT then…” You see? So, once you’ve told a lie, you can only expect more lies. And so I think the truth is really going to be the secret to world peace. When people can tell the truth… Like Mitch McConnell lied… Mike Pence! These guys! Cruz! Um… they LIE!!! They lie so good! Well not good. I think I’ve said it before: they lie so SMOOTHLY. [LAUGHS] Efficiently. They’re efficient liars. Our politics is SO CORRUPT. So horrible. But anyway, that’s why– That’s why lieing works. Because there’s liars. So lieing is the modus opperandi in our current government. Because they’re liars. Now if we could get a bunch of honest people in there–Then the liars would stand out. And they wouldn’t fit. “You were LIEING ABOUT that thing last week! Why don’t you just go to the other room while we talk business because we don’t need your B.S. in this…” you know. So we’ve got to get all the liars out of the government. All the liars. Anyone who’s lied. And then: go and take them– Find them real easy. “Boing-boing-boing-boing…” Liar, liar, liar, liar… Every one of them fired. Just like Trump said, “You’re fired!” Every single one of those guys. Maybe make it easier. Say THREE LIES. If we can find three lies that they’ve told: That they knew were lies: OUT! Without any question. No comeback. No rhetort. No nothing. If we can find them telling three lies to the public they should be out of the government. And there should be no retaliation. No retaliation. Don’t have to go to jail maybe. They may have committed other crimes…But if we can find three lies that any plitician has told to the public they should be fired immediately.

Hey. Buddha Zhen may be helping politics.

Where are we? We’re at 13 minutes. Do I finish this?

How easy to lie. Lie. Lieing is important. Important to get rid of. Stamp out lieing. We’ve got to stamp out murder. We’ve got to stamp out killing. Abuse. Rape. There’s lots of evil things going on. And lieing is one of these things. And lieing is usually accompanied with all those horrible things like rape and murder and stuff. It always goes with them. It doesn’t go with making the world a better place. People who are telling lies aren’t usually making the world a better place. So if we can get all the lies out of our government we’ll get the evil out. That was something I just said real quickly, but there may be some truth to that.


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