Daily Taoist 1_39 – Buddha Zhen Discusses TAO #19a about WHO You Decide to Be and Acting Naturally

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Hello. Your Daily Taoist here. Buddha Zhen. Richard Del Connor.

And I’m reading to you from my book, TAO OF TAOISM – USING THE TAO TE CHING TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE. Written by Lao Tzu. Now this book is of course written by me. This is my version of it. I’m trying to read one whole paragraph, piece of wisdom by him per class or per session. I’m trying to keep them under six minutes. Now I’m trying to keep them under ten.

So real fast. This is #19a. Page 34.

And it says,

Be yourself naturally.
Decide to do what will not require uncomfortable self-discipline.

Now remember, what makes each person uncomfortable is kind of dependent upon your training, your training, who you are, what you are, what you want…

So this thing– you’ve gotta kind of take your time on it.

First one: Be yourself naturally.

Remember, I’ve got that book, ACT ZEN. Act Naturally. Acting Naturally.

Be yourself naturally.

Well the only way you can know you’re doing that is if you know who you are. And know what you’re acting. So there’s a certain amount of information and research that has to happen before you can understand that sentence.

Be yourself naturally. “Okay.” What is it?

So that’s what we’re doing right now. We’re trying to decide what your Natural is. Your Tao.

Okay, now the next one is a huge big thing. Let’s see if I can unpack it with these questions.

Decide to do what will not require uncomfortable self-discipline.

So in other words you want a job that’s not going to require a lot of extra effort… you know, to make yourself feel comfortable to do it. You want something you can do naturally that won’t require a lot of extra effort. Not necessarily less work, but less mental effort to do it. If you don’t want to do it it’s going to get harder and harder to do it over and over again.

Okay, so here we go.

How much extra effort does it require for you to be healthy and organized?

Those are two different questions: healthy and organized. But maybe they’re also kind of the same. And yeah. That’s an interesting concept to realize: the more organized you are–the healthier you could be. Because being healthy is a matter of organizing your intake of food supplies and keeping track of it and keeping it fresh. So if you cannot be organized with your food, you may not be able to be organized with your health.

Okay, so let’s see…

What are your weaknesses that require extra effort?

What are your weaknesses that require extra effort for you to overcome them or get something done. What slows you down?

What promises or responsibilities do you have that require extra effort?

Extra effort–not meaning more work, but motivation for you to do it. Maybe you just don’t want to do it.

Like, I know of this– I won’t say names– okay, so: there’s a man and his sister. And his sister’s kind of supporting her brother. Okay? She’s kind of helping him out. And in her Will, not in her Will, but in her–before she dies she tells both her sons, “Hey. I want you guys to keep helping my brother.” You know. Subsidize him a little bit. In fact she specified how much money to give each month. And then she passed away. The sons inherit all her money… And then there’s two sons. Now one son fulfills the promise. He gives him money. The other son doesn’t.

Okay. So they both have their reasonings and their logic on that.

So what promises or responsibilities do you have that require extra effort?

So for the one who did keep it–was it extra effort? Was he just willing to put in that extra effort because maybe he still didn’t want to really do it.

So anyway. These are things you want to bring up. What is the truth? What is YOUR truth? (Is all we’re really concerned with here.)

How do you waste time?

How do you waste time?

Okay? Don’t react to it. Just answer it.

When playing games, how do you know when to stop?

When playing games– (Well nowadays. I wrote this in the eighties. So this is before video games. And so, when you’re playing games…) –how do you know when to stop?

That’s a great question to ask the millennials. I’d love to hear their answers. I really would.

Well, no I wouldn’t. [laughs] No, I don’t want to hear those answers. In the office, you don’t work…

Here we go: How often do you think you’ve wasted time?

Now that’s the thing see? If you’ve a lifestyle of wasting time–you might not think you’re wasting time. You know, “Oh, I’m gonna be a professional video game tester… That’s why I keep playing games.”

Do you realize how many times I’ve heard that? And not one. Not one of t shose people who ever said that ever even came close to…

We can fool ourselves.

So hopefully, if you’re smart enough to be doing this course–listening to me. Hopefully you’re smart enough to stop fooling yourself if you are accidentally. Never do it on purpose. Fool yourself on purpose. You’re probably not gonna be here…

Here we go: How could you be more efficient?

Okay you: How could you be more efficient in general? How could you be more efficient?

How could you waste less time?

Okay. Everybody’s going to waste time somehow. A little bit. Somewhere. How could you waste less of it? Some other way? Whatever. Put these in your own words.

Sorry. Sometimes I feel like I might be preventing an answer of yours by getting into mine. So I apologize. There was another “sorry.”

How could you get more accomplished?

Get more things accomplished? Done. Achieved.

How could you get more accomplished?

Hey. There you are. At six minutes! This is what I was originally trying to think, what I was trying to go for the TAO OF TAOISM.

So anyway, I told you I was supposed to wrap it up. But we’ve got to go back to the beginning.

Be yourself naturally. Decide to do what will not require uncomfortable self-discipline.

I like that. In other words, choose a job you’re going to want to do.

Decide to do what will not require– So you want to make that decision.

It requires some exploration. You’ll make some mistakes. You might get in one of those jobs that caught you when– you don’t want to do. That’s an important lesson to learn. Because a lot of people spend a lot of years in the same mistake every day.

Alright. Buddha Zhen out here. Your Daily Taoist in seven minutes.

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