Daily Taoist 1_23 – Buddha Zhen Reads TAO #12 – Ambitions, Goals and Reason for Wanting Destination

This movie starts with a microphone experiment. The audio quality improves at 1:44. Get ready to turn the volume down.

YouTube VIDEO TRANSCRIPT of Daily Taoist 23:

Well hello everyone. I’m back for another batch of– A quarter of… In fact if you’ve seen this now. If you like it–stay tuned. There’ll be another thirty or forty. Depends how much I break these things down… Anyway, just doing what I can. In fact i shot my Kung Fu class and I was just downloading it off my phone and then I started this class and thought, “Oh man, this video’s in the way. And I thought well, maybe this is an opportunity. When I was preparing for the audiobook, and when I was homeless, just this last year, I was trying to upgrade my production. I bought a lavalier and I never used it. So I’ve got a brand new lavalier. And interesting story about one of my videos I shot the other day. I was being taken care of by a warlord. I say warlord. He was a forty year old gang member. He was like a gang and was controlling a territory. And I was working with him, or at least, he let me stay at his place.

Anyway, it was nice. It was a chance. I was hoping it could’ve been something better. He wanted my help. He was looking for my guidance. Remember, I told you this was an experiment. I’m supposed to be using my lavalier microphone. Start this over. It probably wasn’t even recording. Yeah. There it is. It was recording, but it was way over there. I have no idea what that sounded like. Well, for fun, maybe I’ll just leave it that way. Decide whether to edit it out entirely. And compare.

It’s not that long a chord here. Like I said I’m still trying to figure out how to use this thing. Seems to me I’ve got too much slack here. I’m not happy with the way I’ve got this thing positioned. I think I need to take some slack out. I don’t know if you’re looking at this. This is a Rode lavalier. So it wasn’t the cheapest. I think it was seventy some bucks. There were some that were like a quarter this price. But I wanted to get this one because I thought this one was a better quality. Hopefully I’m right. I’ve got another one I want to get. An on board microphone. A lot of people are using the Rode and– R-O-D-E- mikes and stuff. But when I waffs going through and testing them and I’m going to the Guitar Center and stuff– I want to get– there’s a Shure. A little Shure. S-H-U-R-E microphone. About the same size. Nobody’s using them. Never seen anybody– But when I found that one and tested it I thought, “Hey! I like this.” And I like Shure microphones. I like ATM. I like– I like every microphone in a different way. I realized I want that Shure. So for my little– my little iphoneographer thing. If I can get my microphone. I’ve got my microphone picked out. But it’s like a $120. It’s not super expensive, but it wasn’t the cheapest by far either. You can get microphones for about twenty bucks. Anyway.

I want to get stuff that I’m not making excuses for. So if it’s not good enough–I’ve gotta stop compromising. My life is full of too many compromises up to this point. That’s one of the reasons. I’m frustrated and unsuccessful, is I’ve compromised too much. So no more compromising unless appropriate. Don’t want it to be appropriate. [laughs] How’s my placement? We’ll just keep rolling with it. If it’s horribly recorded, I apologize. You know, I’m learning. You’re learning.

So here we go. I can see it right there in my selfie. Now I’m looking at my old iPhone. Here’s the other thing. I started shooting in 4K. And man it really fills up my phone fast with that last batch. Causes me all kinds of problems. Put it on my flash drive. Had to do it in two batches. Tried to upload it and had a problem. It crashed. And if that wasn’t bad enough. My backup backup–I lost every single video in Shaolin Chi Mantis. 200 videos. All these videos and promos and graphics. Everything. For some reason the entire folder disappeared. I did a search in backup hard drive for it. Wouldn’t come up. It disappeared. And that’s my backup of the backup. So I’m backing up 2TB. 2TB of Shaolin Kung Fu. The ones you’ll see at Shaolin Interactive.com My main videos of all the other stuff. I had 2TB. It’s gonna take 23 hours to do that. So now my computer’s all locked up. I can’t even download from my phone to the hard drive. I was doing too many things. I was copying and I was working on the website the computer, his computer, it was given to me by Oscar.

Anyway. I digress. Five minutes already and I haven’t even started. Sheesh. I wanted to get these things in like six minutes.

Real fastly: If that’s even possible. Here we go. This is NUMBER 12 of the TAO OF TAOISM.

Looking over my shoulder, (that I wrote). It’s based on the Tao Te Ching by– or Teh King— however you want to translate it. Tao Teh King. By Lao Tzu. So I just merely made my version of it. This book is about how to integrate it into your life. So that’s what it is.

I’m on NUMBER 12. (Of the Taos of Taoism)

Lao Tzu says,

Appearance, tastes and desires
can mislead our efforts
from what we really want to what we momentarily need.

That’s pretty straight forward and logical. Gotta remember, we’re doing this all day long, so let’s think about this for a second.

Appearance, tastes and desires.

So things that look good, taste good and that we desire. That pretty much covers everything. Sex. Food. A movie. Entertainment. Whatever.

So appearance, tastes and desires. Even drugs–can mislead our efforts from what we really want to what we momentarily need.

In fact, I would even reverse the words if I was to rewrite this again.

I would say, can mislead our efforts from what we really need to what we momentarily want. But what we momentarily want we think: we need.

And that’s where we get confused. All people get confused. Is that we take our desires seriously. Which we should. You get a desire to breathe air–take that seriously. Try to breathe some more air. [laughs]

But maybe eating another dessert or that ice cream or the food, the snack before dinner that you don’t need. Maybe a lot of those desires–maybe you think you want them, and you can convince your self that you need them… But do you?

Would you be better off without them? Like not eating that snack before dinner. You eat a better dinner. You’re hungry for dinner.

So sometimes– So Buddhism has lessons on this too.

Let me read it one more time and we’ll go through it.

Appearance, tastes and desires can mislead our efforts– Ahhh!

That says mislead us about our EFFORTS. So that’s an interesting point. Let’s broaden that out to the extent that’s the way that we live our life. Like the way that you work at your job. Like let’s say that ice cream. You’re hungry for that ice cream. Now if you’re only doing your job, and you’re thinking about that ice cream and how you’re gonna get there. And you’re gonna drive over to the place… then you’re not doing your current efforts. You’re going to be distracted. Like I keep complaining to my students: I’m teaching the class and I’ll be thinking about something else. Ahhh, sorry I was thinking about something else.

But no. In other words, you can be misled by our desires. Especially your desires because they really consume your mind. So they could be messing with yuour entire day–and the way you’re being with someone else. Like the fact you might want to be with someone else, but you’re with someone else for awhile. You’re with this person but you’re really looking forward to being with the other person. Well, when you’re thinking about the other person when you’re with this person its going to…pollute your abilities.

You get what I’m saying right?

Okay. Here we go. So now this is confusing. What I’ve done here is I’ve listed three columns. One, two, three. Okay, so I’ve got three columns going down.

Okay. But anyway, one to the left says, “Ambitions / Goals.” And then you’ve got five lines. You’re supposed to write five different ambitions and goals.

Like me: I could say, finishing this series of videos for Instagram. But for me that’s not enough. I’ve got to post them. And then another ambition or goal is to post them. I mean I’m really breaking it down too much. But, put all these into one goal. But still these are all little goals. If you get one big goal: one big goal has all these little goals to it. So that’s one thing you have to learn about planning.

You can say, “Oh I want a car.” But that means you’ve gotta get the money.You’ve gotta figure out where you’re gonna park it. You’ve gotta figure out where you’re gonna buy it… You should know maybe your insurance before you get it. You should plan out a bunch of stuff and then you go buy your car.

Ambitions and goals. So five ambitions. So even continuing like I said. For me to do this right. Just to finish them and post them. And post them regularly. And post them well because… Actually this isn’t like Facebook and YouTube where you put descriptions and stuff. That’s all lt more work. This is like willy-nilly a little bit.

But I’d like to be professional. I’d like to put some tags or something on the front of this or something. I’m just doing this kind of willy-nilly amateur. uploading them the way they are. I’m hardly even trimming them on the end. Beginnings just the way they are. you can see mye push the button.

So anyway, and then five. Maybe following through on the comments and marketing. I could make five ambitions and goals just out of this one projedt. But like I said, this is really one goal with a bunch of steps.

Okay, now the next column says, “REASON FOR WANTING.” Obviously the ambitions and goals in the next column. So if I was to backtrack on myself: What is my reason for wanting to finish these? Well one of the reasons I want to finish these is I’m testing them and getting all this out of my system so I can record the actual audiobook that I want to sell. To you. You can buy the audiobook.

So… that’s one reason I want to do it. But I’m also doing it like I said for rehearsal. Okay. And why would I want to upload them regularly and consistently? From what I know. I’ve been going on YouTube and.

Look at this bump on my head. I got it just the other day. Just a few days ago. It’s worse than the day I got it.

And anyway, I want to upload them regularly because maybe there’s a chance Instagram will finally promot me. I mean I’ve been on Instagram for five years. And I’ve only got– How many followers? Less than a hundred. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten over a hundred. I don’t think. Close. But anyway. On any of my websites. I’ve got a whole bunch of YouTuebe channels. Never had more than a hundred. So I’m a nobody.

Reason for wanting to upload them: So I can stop being a nobody.

Maybe Instagram will start to show me in the front end and people’ll go, “Look at that weird guy with a purple background. I’ll keep the background dconsistent for marketing. So when you see it you’ll see the purple badkground and be able to pick me out easier.

And let’s see. What’s another reason for wanting to do them good. Well, so people will like them. And watch it all the way to the end of the video. And maybe learn something.

It’s been 12 minutes and I’m just getting started here. I’m gonna have to break this down. Let me finish this column. And then we’ll see if we finish the rest of this page in the next video. So and what would be the reason for me wanting to do a good job?

Okay. So you can see that there’s a reason for each of those goals. And I just told you mine.

So think of your goals and your reasons.

Remember this isn’t about me. This is supposed to be about you.

Okay, now the last third column says, “APPEARANCE & DESTINATION.”

Try plugging it into my thing and you plug it into your thing later.

So the first ambition was to finish all these videos. There might be about eighty of them. I don’t know. Well there’s eighty– Well I’ve only got forty of them in this book. I’ve only got about forty of the wisdoms, I’m going to call them. So may be more thatn forty. Maybe eighty. Gonna be more than forty if I start splitting them in half like I’m doing now.

Okay, so why do I want to finish them is because I wanted to perhaps be more famous. More popular on Instagram.

And what’s the appearance destination? Well the appearance destination is VERTICAL format. See I’ve got an appearnace thing I can use there. ANd the destination will be Insta– actually IGTV becaue these are longer than a minute and a half. Another little thing. I’ve gotta have an IGTV account. See plug all that in.

Okay the next thing was I wanted to do them good, or something like that. So that I’ll get–

Okay you can see how that workks.

Okay let me stop this and we’ll continue NUMBER 12 in the next video.


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