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Daily Taoist 03: Buddha Z Reads Copyright Page of Tao of Taoism

“My Instagram warmup,” is what Buddha Zhen is still calling these episodes of the Daily Taoist. (He is unaware of his upcoming decision to read the entire book in this Instagram promotional offer for his book, TAO OF TAOISM — Using the Dao Te Ching to Improve Your Life.

Buddha Z explains his traditional Shaolin Chi Mantis curriculum he is recording in videos for his online school at www.ShaolinInteractive.com

Buddha Zhen reads the “COPYRIGHT PAGE” of Tao of Taoism. He explains how he was a concert photographer in the 1980s known as THE COYOTE. Richard Del Connor used the byLine “Rocktography by The Coyote” on his published photos in Los Angeles newspapers and music magazines.

“Buddhst Scientist” and “American Philosopher,” are the job titles of Buddha Zhen who tests the results of “…inserting Buddhism and Taoism into people’s lives.”

Buddha Z homeschooled his daughter several years and after his marriage failed became a Confucianist to learn the solutions to all his marital mistakes.

He also mentions his book based on the teachings of Sun Tzu, _ _ _ Strategy Notebook, for big businesses. He said he won’t sell a copy for less for than $50,000 so his consulting fees are included in the price to guarantee the successful use of the this notebook designed for the Chief Strategist of any organization or business, or government body.

The Tao Of Taoism is available as an EBOOK at Shaolin Records website:

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